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Medical technology is developing rapidly and new, promising technologies such as robotization, digitization, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things offer opportunities for better quality and more efficient organization of care.
Transporting and storing medical equipment requires the utmost care. High value, fragile machines and parts need to be transported under specific conditions.

Whether it’s temperature-controlled transport, preventing static electricity or packaging suitable for the cleanroom, Tenfold ensures the best solutions. We design, test and provide the optimal protection for packaging your products.

We design, test and provide the most optimal protection for packaging your products.

As a packaging specialist, we will advise you on the most suitable packaging solution based on your specific question and application requirements. We translate the package of requirements such as required protection, type of transport or specialized method of use into optimal packaging advice. The perfect fit!


It’s a nice challenge to find the right solution together with the customer. One that not only cuts costs but delivers efficiency and sustainability benefits too.

Sebastien van der Veen

Tenfold Group

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In order to find suitable solutions to the most challenging packaging issues together with you, Tenfold is fully modular. In this way we bring together specialist knowledge and a broad overview of packaging issues. Get to know our divisions: