Good packaging does more than just prevent damage. The best packaging optimizes your production process, improves ergonomic performance and contributes to a reduction in material consumption and costs. Giving advice on suitable packaging materials, methods and accessories is just the start. Tenfold Packaging Supplies also has over 100,000 different products in stock, so we can also deliver quickly and in large quantities.

More than a package

We can advise you on suitable packaging for every need. Do you want to shine for practical simplicity or stand out with razor-sharp print work? Are you looking for packaging that makes handling easier in the warehouse, that can withstand the whims of every delivery courier or that can even make your product’s unboxing experience even more special? Tenfold Packaging Supplies help you make a difference.

The right choice

Our advisers are only too happy to help you make the right choice for your packaging. Working with Tenfold you can count on:

  • transparent and cost-saving advice
  • the optimal balance between protection, handling and budget
  • materials selected for quality and sustainability
  • an international network of partners and suppliers
  • the abilities of well-trained people
  • our signature attitude: people-driven, solution-oriented, service-focused

‘The great thing about tenfold is that they treat

their customers in the same way as we do.

They communicate with short lines and very

personal: when you call they know immediately

who they are talking to’

Karen de Jong

Marketeer van Zelst

Supplies and service

Is it possible to combine the benefits of an extensive range with personal advice and a high level of service? At Tenfold, yes it is. Give us a go!

Sustainable alternatives

We can offer a more sustainable alternative for almost every ‘standard’ packaging type. We do this by making smart use of innovative materials such as grass cardboard or recycled plastic. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Off the peg or tailor-made?

With more than 100,000 different packaging materials in our range, chances are we’ve got what you are looking for in stock. If not, then we’ll come up with a tailor-made solution. Either way, you can count on Tenfold.


CO2 footprints are playing an increasingly important role in our market. That’s why we offer strong sustainable solutions to our customers.

Ben Beckmann

Business Development Manager
Tenfold Group


We are at home in all markets. All over the world and in all industries. Every day we make the difference with cost-saving, sustainable and smart solutions to industry-specific issues. Click on the branches in the image below and discover more.













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