At Tenfold Group, 80 90 100 120 people work together out of eight locations in the Netherlands. We help companies and organizations create added value on a daily basis in terms of product protection, durability, brand experience, damage reduction, ergonomics and cost control. Tenfold creates the perfect fit for leading companies and multinationals from many sectors including these:

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Companies active in high mix, high complexity and low volume manufacturing face a rapidly changing market. Tenfold offers reliable solutions for complex challenges. The demands we place on high-tech packaging are very high and require specialised engineering capability. Tenfold has this in abundance.


Whether it’s light or heavy industry, whatever you produce Tenfold helps you with the best packaging solution and an optimised price-quality ratio.
We offer a wide range of products, services and custom packaging to meet your company’s and your customers’ requirements. Whether your products need to be protected against corrosion, temperature fluctuations or static electricity, you can be sure of the best possible protection during storage and transport.


Known for its very diverse range of advanced and high value capital goods, the energy sector requires parts to be available right away. Regulations and the international nature of the sector create specific challenges when you need immediate access to the right parts for maintenance, overhauls and fixing defects.


Transporting and storing medical equipment requires the utmost care. High value, fragile machines and parts need to be transported under specific conditions. Whether it’s temperature-controlled transport, preventing static electricity or packaging suitable for the cleanroom, Tenfold ensures the best solutions. We design, test and provide the optimal protection for packaging your products.


When it comes to transportation and packaging, the aerospace industry faces many complex challenges. Parts are often large, expensive and unevenly weighted – but also fragile. Damage means extra costs and even safety risks. Tenfold helps you with the optimum protection.


Tenfold takes care of your logistics projects from A to Z, so you can be sure your freight will arrive in optimal condition and on schedule. A wide choice of transport solutions by road, sea and air complete Tenfold’s range of services. A total solution including administrative handling that’s not only efficient but also offers ease and convenience. Combined with our attentiveness to your needs, our services offer a distinctive value-added proposition.


As Tenfold Group, we have all the capabilities to offer a total solution. Our organisation is modular and very flexible, so we swiftly get to the right solution.

Joost Meijs

Tenfold Group


Thanks to our dynamism, we always go the extra mile. Our customers see this in our attentiveness to their needs – and in the end result.

Henk van Gelderen

Strategic Director
Tenfold Group


Digging deeper, that's where we can add value for our customers. By considering the entire supply chain together, we reach sustainable and future-proof solutions.

David Rossillion

Technical Director
Tenfold Group